Timber decking provides a fashionable addition to any garden. It is a relatively inexpensive way to create a patio area for tables, chairs and potted plants. It takes a very short time to construct when compared to a stone patio and wooden decking, once completed, requires very little maintenance.

Garden decking is a garden landscaping feature which can extend the living space of your house outdoors. In addition, we advise our customers on the most suitable timber decking to fit their budget and maintenance expectations. The great thing is garden decking is built to last for many years and requires very little maintenance, particularly where the aim is to reduce garden maintenance in a smaller garden. A garden decking construction is a beautiful way to create an interesting and unique garden patio area for your home and is so versatile the sky is the limit when it comes to the design.

Unlike a stone patio, wood decking does not require extensive digging for foundations and support and so, disturbance to your garden is minimal. Normally, decking can be constructed within days. Decking is easily laid over your existing grass or patio. Decking blends with all types of gardens, and a design can be tailored to suit all sizes and budgets

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